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Your ultimate source for school ribbons

Gold-N-Satin has been the leading retailer of school ribbons in Lincoln for over 10 years. Our on site ribbon room means we carry wide selection of options at an affordable cost and are able to customize each order for your school. Our ribbons are the perfect way to recognize your students and their excellence. We make it easy for our customers to add their own unique ideas to each order.
We take pride in using our expert eye for creativity to help our customers hone theirs. Our experienced team of sales associates and designers is committed to finding the right one-of-a-kind products to meet any decorating vision. Our inventory of high-quality goods will help create inspirational, memory-filled awards.

Read Our Testimonials 

“The prices at Gold-N-Satin are unbeatable and the quality of the products are amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for school ribbons. Plus, the sales team knows exactly what I need or what I've ordered in the past.”


“The shopping experience with Gold-N-Satin is always fun, easy and convenient. There’s no reason to shop anywhere else for school awards! The big chains just don’t have the same warm environment. I’ll always be a devoted shopper.”


“Any time I need a specific item for my school, I always find it at Gold-N-Satin. I’ve been coming for years, and even if I moved across the county I’d remain a loyal customer.”


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